Silk is a natural protein fibre obtained from cocoon of silkworm larvae. Silk fabric can be easily dyed into many vibrant colours, and are often used for making luxury items such as bed sheet, curtain, clothing, handbag, etc. Due to its texture and lustre, silk fabric has become a symbol of elegance, and silk garments are prized for their versatility, wearability and comfort.

Rayon is a synthetic filament fiber, made mostly by the viscose process from dissolved cellulose. It is well known for its light weight, softness and ability to breath. The comfort as a result of rayon¡¯s ability to absorb water makes it a popular choice of clothing material.

Rayon T-Shirt
T-shirt made from rayon is comfortable because of its light weight and softness. Its water absorption ability allows it to be printed with beautiful and vibrant colours, and plain white t-shirts can easily to be transformed into pieces of art. Rayon T-shirts are non-static, fungus resistant and cool to wear, hence making it a popular choice of garment for the summer.

Batik Printing Materials
Batik is a Javanese word that refers to a generic wax-resist dyeing technique used on fabric. Batik has become a very central means of artistic expression for many areas in Asia and a deeply integrated facet of Asian culture. Many materials can be used in batik printing, with the most common ones being wax, rosin, dyestuff, etc.

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