Fully Synthetic Coolant
is usually used in application that requires maximum heat removal, good rust inhibition and little lubrication (e.g. grinding, lapping and hole-cutting). It is a non-oil chemical coolant which is known for its excellent cooling properties, ability to maintain clean sump, and long sump life.

Semi Synthetic Coolant is normally applied in application that requires both cooling properties and good lubrication. It contains a small amount of mineral oil, typically ranges from 5% to 45%, with other additives to enhance its lubrication property for machining.

Soluble Oil/ Emulsion Coolant is used for machining process that emphasises lubrication, and lower cooling requirement. Lubrication is often enhanced by the addition of EP additives.

Cleaners/ Washing Compound
Cleaner, also referred to as Washing Compound, is widely used for cleaning away dirt, coolant, oil and sludge from a workpiece after a machining process. It is often necessary to provide protection of the workpiece from getting corrosive before, during and after storage over a period of time. A wide range of cleaners is available for immersion, spray and ultrasonic cleaning.

Rust Preventative
Rust Preventative is normally applied on a workpiece after being machined. It provides a thin protective film over the workpiece to prevent it from rusting. Rust prevention is common for in-process workpiece in storage as well as workpieces in transit. Depending on the type of rust preventative used, its protective abilities can last up to 12 months.


For a quick checks on coolant to give fast and accurate reading of coolant concentration.

Sump Side Coalescer
Portable pump-type oil skimmer to remove tramp oil from fluctuating level of coolant or washing compound.

Scrounger Jr Oil Skimmer
Portable belt-type oil skimmer to remove tramp oil from fluctuating level of coolant or washing compound.

Li'L Sucker Vacuum
Heavy duty vacuum cleaner for medium size machines.


Master Coalescer II
Portable coolant reconditioning system for quick, easy to operate and reliable on-site reconditioning of coolant.

Freddy Vacuum
Vacuum cleaner for small size individual machines.




Yellow Belly Sump Sucker
Heavy duty vacuum cleaner for large size machines.
XYBEX System
High speed bowl centrifuge coolant recycling system for removing both free and emulsified tramp oil to 0.5% or less, particulate matter to 5 micron or less and 70% of bacteria.

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