Benefits of Total Coolant Management
A."Stick slip" situation at the slide table affecting the accuracy of work pieces
50% reduction of total coolant consumption. a
Rreduction of waste disposal cost
Longer coolant life (up to 8 months)
Healthier and safer working environment for machinists
Problem solving (eg. stains on sensitive Aluminium alloy)
B.A hard disk drive manufacturer has managed to reduce its normal reject rate from 7%-9% to 1%-2% after switching to a TRIM premium quality fully synthetic coolant together with implementation of TCM.
C.A general machine parts manufacturer has been able to implement the centralized coolant recycling/reconditioning system with a high quality and stable TRIM emulsion coolant together with a simple yet reliable recycling equipment. As a result, the Company saves 50% of total monthly coolant consumption.
D.An automotive piston manufacturer which uses a TRIM fully synthetic coolant has not been changing coolant for the past 3 years. They are enjoying the benefits of longer coolant life, less consumption, excellent rust preventative and good finishing on workpieces.
E.An international optical lenses manufacturer has been able to solve the following problems with a TRIM fully synthetic coolant with TCM:-
Fungus growth that causes heavy unpleasant odor within machines
Short coolant life i.e. 2 weeks
Heavy foam

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