Lubricants are here to stay
Lubricants have been, and are becoming an increasingly essential part of all machinery. All moving parts raging from the high precision surgical instruments, to the heavy duty space crafts need to be properly lubricated for optimum performance. The fundamental purposes of lubricant are to reduce the friction, dissipate heat and minimizing wear and tear between two surfaces in relative motion.

Lubricants are usually in liquid form, while non-liquid type like greases and others are also commonly used. They generally consist of a base with additives added to improve their performances.

Areas of concern by lubricant users
Many types of lubricants are available today. They are designed to handle the diversified and stringent demand of modern machinery. While the performances of lubricants are determined primarily by their formulations, the functionalities of lubricants will also deteriorate over their period of usage. Improper selection of lubricants, or continued usage of badly deteriorated lubricants often result in some of the following problems faced by today¡¯s lubricant users:

Equipment damage (piston, filter, seals, pump and etc)
High wear & tear
Oil leakage
Contamination, corrosion & oxidation
Environmental issues
High maintenance cost

Making them Smooth & Cool
As a partner to our valued customers, we constantly strive to help them increase their productivity and reduce their cost through the following measures:

Hold discussions with users to understand and determine their needs
Assist them in the lubricant selection process and the proper application technique
Help them to monitor the performance of lubricants in use through sample analysis
Upgrade our technical know-how and share our knowledge and experience with them
Commit to delivering high standard, consistent and quality products
Commit to a long term partnership with them

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