Established since 1962, Ong Brothers Petroleum Sdn Bhd has been in the business of distributing a wide range of petroleum products such as engine oil, mineral oil, industry lubricant oil, petroleum jelly and more for over four decades. Over the years, we have grown steadily into a company which is known for its consistency in delivering quality products and services, and our professional approach in serving our customers.

Industrialisation of the world has brought about many social and economic changes in the past few centuries.Lubricants have been, and are becoming an increasingly essential part of all machinery.Metalworking fluids provide lubricating and cooling effects which are essential to the production of precision parts. Silk is a natural protein fibre obtained from cocoon of silkworm larvae. Kerosene is a flammable hydrocarbon liquid that is obtained from the fractional distillation of petroleum.

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